Well, today I am going to share my experience with Hamdard Safi, the blood purifier. I am sure all of my Asian friends heard the name from other ladies for long term acne solution.


Well, I might not have reviewed it if it was just acne cure. So, it’s beyond acne. It works great fighting acne as well as scars and pigments by cleaning your digestive system and balancing it. So no matter if you are in your teen ages or in twenties or thirties or later, it works.

I first used it in my late teens and early twenties when I had severe acne, and it vanished like it never happened.

Now in my early thirties and specially during the pregnancy, I developed hyper pigmentation, along with never disappearing scars. I tried almost all topical solutions but in vain. So finally, I decided to get back to Hamdard Safi.

I finished one 175ml bottle and nothing happened visibly, but yes I felt lighter as my digestive system got on track, right after the second bottle finishes, I see 50% of pigmentation disappeared.

What I find is the key to success with Hamdard Safi is to take it empty stomach and drink lot of water.



It’s not expensive at all, i.e. Rs. 50 back in Pakistan, and not more than AED 10 here in the UAE.  But the main problem here in the UAE is the availability. Normally you can find it in Al Adil & Co, else, bringing stock from Pakistan is most reliable and cost effective option.

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