If your kid is having frequent runny nose or his skin gets red too often it’s very much possible that he’s allergic to specific things. To know the details about allergy and the condition of toddler running to a pediatrician is most common and the best idea, however, after a few consecutive visits to my pediatrician, she gave me some tips.

Though it’s hard, but not impossible to lessen the effect, and take toddlers away from allergies. Here’re few tips that she gave, and it worked well with me, so thought to share so may work for others too:


  • Try to remove pets from your child’s play area. Pet dander is a big allergen.
  • If they have food allergies like dairy, adjust their diet accordingly.
  • Remove dust from their bedroom, and lessen the rugs and carpets from there.
  • Sheets should get a good washing each week, so that mites that might contribute to their symptoms can be removed.

And finally, a tip from me, “make sure that right treatment from a good specialist is available in case if your child is having an allergy”.

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