Intermittent fasting is an eating pattern that yields great health benefits for your brain and your body. You can do this following a cycle between periods of fasting and eating. This can change the function of hormones, cells and genes. When you are fasting, your body starts an important cellular repair processes. It can change the hormonal levels, making the stored body fat accessible.

During fasting, your insulin level significantly drops and facilitates fat burning. Your growth hormone may increase. Having higher hormones of this kind helps you burn more fats and gain more muscles. It can also eliminate waste materials from the cells.

Intermittent fasting can cause numerous changes in the molecules and genes connected to longevity. Other benefits are the good changes in the cell functions and gene expression. When you do it, your insulin levels drop and become healthier.


If you are trying to lose belly fat and weight, intermittent fasting can help you. This requires you to eat fewer meals. This means you are taking a lesser amount of calories. Intermittent fasting can boost the hormone responsible for weight loss.

When your insulin levels decrease, growth hormone levels get higher and the amount of norepinephrine, your body can break down more fats and use the energy efficiently. Intermittent fasting increases the metabolic rate by as high as 14%.

This type of fasting works well in the calorie equation. It can enhance the metabolic rate and lessen the calorie intake. This can help you lose significant weight in months. This is such a huge amount and a big success.

With intermittent diet, you can lose 4 to 7 percent waist circumference. This means it is a very efficient way of eliminating plenty of belly fat. Belly fat is the detrimental fat present in the abdominal cavity, which cause different diseases. This also allows you to lose lesser muscle compared to non-stop calorie restriction. Intermittent fasting is a magnificent weight loss method.

This can also lower the oxidative stress, which is related to many chronic diseases and aging. According to some research, this fasting protects you from oxidative stress. In addition, it can fight inflammation, which leads to the development of different medical conditions.

According to a group of scientist there is a change experienced when a patient takes turmeric anti-inflammatory supplements. It contains the very potent natural chemical curcumin that can fight conditions like inflammation.

Intermittent fasting can help your body combat against bad cholesterol and high blood pressure. When you do this, the cells in your body initiate autophagy. This involves the breakdown of dysfunctional proteins building up inside cells. Increased autophagy protects you against numerous diseases like Alzheimer’s disease and cancer.

Intermittent fasting is beneficial in enhancing your metabolic rate leading to the reduction of risk of cancer. There are also studies that verify the benefits of this fasting in lowering the numerous side effects of chemotherapy.

Intermittent fasting is excellent for your mental health. When your metabolic features are improved, it helps you have a healthier brain.

Fasting, especially intermittent fasting can help you extend your lifespan and live longer. This is very famous among those who want to live with a healthier lifestyle. This makes your body healthy and you can function well.

Intermittent fasting does not oblige you to not eat. It will only teach you to eat properly at the right time and quantity. Many fitness experts and dietitians discourage people from engaging in crash diet.

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