Preschoolers can learn and grow up very quickly. They can not wait to be busy, succeed, and become independent. They began to take care of themselves at the age of two when they said: “let me do it.”

Sometimes parents find it annoying to see their children cluttering themselves, but always remember that they need time and practice to develop those skills fluently. When having the knowledge and skills required, he or she will have more confidence and soon become a responsible kid.

So, what are all the skills we need to teach our children? Read this post to get more helpful information.

The most efficient methods of teaching children to take care of themselves

1 – Teach your child basic hygiene skills

When the kid starts school, parents can not always be around to look after their children like at home. Therefore, parents need to teach them basic hygiene skills such as washing their hands before eating and after using the toilet, brushing hair with a clean comb, brushing their teeth after eating, wearing shoes, dressing, put trash in the bin, fold the blanket after waking up, … It may be initially clumsy, awkward, but then he/she will gradually get used to and like to do it by themselves.

2 – Teach your child to identify danger and protect themselves

Instead of being tired of keeping an eye out for children 24 hours a day, teach them how to recognize danger and protect themselves:

  • Teach children to use sharp, pointed objects: Knife will be more dangerous if the children do not know how to use them. If you ban them from touching the cutlery, they are more curious to try it. Let’s start using children’s knives that they can cut vegetables, but not too sharp cut off children’s hands. Always remind them that they can only use it with adult supervision.
  • Teach children to be wary of strangers: Parents need to guide their child how frankly refused to receive gifts, talk with strangers, especially when the kid is alone. When children go to school, teach children to play with friends in crowded places, do not voluntarily leave the school campus or family yard.
  • Teach the children to escape: Fire or earthquakes are rare but not impossible. To equip your child with the necessary knowledge to face danger is never unnecessary.

3- Teach your child to choose healthy foods

Kids like to eat fast foods and candies, soft drinks. If parents forbid them to eat, kids will be angry because they don’t understand why. Instead, reduce the amount of this food from three times a week to once, then one month at a time, and explain to children about the effects of these foods.

Also, parents should give them nutritional supplements that good for health. By replacing candy, cakes, soft drinks with roasted almonds, dark chocolate, caramel-free popcorn or some fruit, syrups, milk, parents have created delicious snacks, unique, attractive and stimulating for children.

Remind your child to limit the intake of carbonated soft drinks and eat candy because of the risk of cavities. Instead, tell your kids that foods like vegetables, fruits are high in vitamins, good for health.

4- Teach your child to protect his / her eyes

Near-sightedness often causes the eye to over-work, leading to myopia.

Especially nowadays kids begin to use electronic devices a lot because they are entertaining and easy to use. Therefore, you should teach him/her how to protect eyes, not to sit too close to the TV, read books inadequate lighting, use electronic devices too much and help them balance with other healthy outdoors activities.

5- Teach your child to exercise

Physical training is one of the essential activities of all ages. You need to help them realize the benefits of exercise and create exercise habits right from a young age.

Parents and children can get up early, go walking to the park to do exercises and breathe the fresh air of the new day.

This will help the whole family to have a good spirit and mind to prepare for a day of learning and working effectively.

6- Teach your children to manage their belongings

One of the essential skills for children is the management of stuff. Mom should practice the child preserve from small items such as pens, books, clothes, toys.

After using, they must put everything in the right place to not be damaged, lost or keep books, clothes clean so that everything will always be as new.

7- Teach children how to behave and communicate

In each child will have a different personality, some are shy and timid, some are happy and harmonious, depending on the personality of the child that you can choose the appropriate education.

However, there are some basic things that every baby needs to know, such as having polite greetings, giving thanks when receiving gifts or help from others, apologizing for doing wrong.

8- Teach your children how to choose wisely

Children should learn to make decisions for themselves instead of relying on parents to decide everything. At the same time, you should be around to guide him/her to make the right and wise decisions.

Suggest which is safe and suitable for your child’s age, which sport is best for your baby, what foods are nutritious and good for their health.


You just have read eight helpful tips on how to teach kids to take care of themselves. I hope it can help you. If you have any ideas or questions, feel free to leave comments in the box below. Many thanks!

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