Why I am a big advocate of home based business for housewives has so many reasons, and the top of all, I myself m very much comfortable with it.

If a woman is a housewife, it doesn’t mean that’s all her job; she can do wonders with a little or more guidance and motivation.

Fast Company gives 5 reasons why moms make best entrepreneurs. If you really had no motivation so far, do read this article carefully and you will know what potentials you have.

And Forbes’ list of 20 most powerful women in business will certainly charge you up! Each of them have a truly inspiring story behind their success.

So, if you are charged up and have made your mind, some questions you may have in mind. Here’s my predicted list of questions:

Stay at home mom business ideas that can be done part time.

Best home based businesses for moms with toddlers.

How to start home based business being stay at home mom?

What it needs for a mom to start home based business?

Where to start, how to start and so on!


Well, I’m going to share a few very much relevant and to the point resources which can help you greatly to come up with your own home based business idea, start it and run it successfully.

Start with this list of 24 home based business ideas developed by StartupGuys.net.

YourStory has a quick list of 7 ways for women to become entrepreneurs.

BabyCenter guides you on how to manage business and single motherhood. It’s tough, but very much enjoyable too!

Copy Blogger has a story of a stay at home mom who built a million dollar business from home.

By going through the above, you will have the basic idea of how challenging it would be and what you need to do.

So, ready? Give it a try now!

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