A cleaning business is a good choice to start with if you are considering opening a business. The demand is huge and so is the earning potential in this sector. There have been some great examples of people especially women excelling in cleaning business. Let’s see how to start a cleaning service with no money.

Big cities implies dense population. Even though there may be existing cleaning services but there is always a room for a new service provider. You can choose to target from residential to commercial to sporting complexes.

The investment required in obtaining housekeeping supplies is very minute in the initial stages if you are targeting day to day cleaning. But still, even if you’re lacking that small investment, you can think of these easiest ways to fund your cleaning business.

The only catch here is to hire the right kind of staff. You can offer them a profit sharing pay if they agree to it, this will reduce the investment further. Hiring freshers in the industry is a great way to save the initial costs, but you need to train them at optimum to make sure they grow with your company. Here’s a quick guide on training your cleaning company employees to be more profitable.

Once your business starts faring well, it’s time to scale up the operations and use the money to buy heavy duty machines and housekeeping supplies. The great eye for detail of women in this field make them frontrunners in cleaning companies.

If you think this article didn’t answer all your questions related to setting up a small scale cleaning company, do check my other post discussing cleaning company setup in detail.

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