Getting a sculpted body takes a lot of work. There is finding the right weight lifting regime. There is also eating the right foods and prioritizing exercise over other tasks to ensure you are getting your workout in, over and over again. While getting a toned body may be demanding, it is more than possible if you have the right help. With that in mind, let’s take a moment to discuss a workout supplement that you should consider using. Having shown real and significant changes for countless people, BCAAs can help you tone while losing weight. But how does this happen? Let’s take a moment to find out.

What are BCAAs?

BCAAs stands for Branched Chain Amino Acids and there are two reasons as to why people would take a BCAA supplement. The first is that they help boost the intake of BCAAs in people who are not eating enough protein each day. Secondly due to the rise in positive BCAA research, the supplement has become popular among body builders, helping them tone muscle and lose weight.


It All Comes Down To Catabolic Processes

Dieting and muscle building at the same time demonstrates an inherent challenge that can be difficult to overcome. The challenge comes from the catabolic process of losing weight. You see, dieting is a catabolic process because it leads to muscle breakdown as a part of the dieting process. When dieting, you lose weight. That lost weight has to come from somewhere. More often than not, that lost weight is coming from a loss of fat as well as muscle mass.

Protein Synthesis & Breakdown

When it comes to maintaining muscle mass, you are given a simple equation. You take the amount of protein synthesis that is occurring (your body producing muscle) and subtract it from the amount of protein breakdown to find your muscle mass. So, the trick to the catabolic process is in getting enough protein without simultaneously increasing your weight. This way, you can improve your muscle gains while also losing weight. So, how is this possible?


In The End, It All Comes Down To BCAAs

BCAAs are known to stimulate protein synthesis in your body. Added as a supplement, BCAAs improves the cellular machinery responsible for building up muscle mass. They have also been found to help reduce the workout intensity and recovery period. This will allow you to work harder and for longer without losing muscle mass and still shedding the extra pounds from body fat.

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