If you are reading these lines, you are certainly very serious about losing weight and it’s a good thing. Bravo you!

Well, according to health experts the amount of daily intake of green tea varies, but a general consensus is four or more cups a day!

Four or more cups may seem to be “too much for some”, but there are certain way you can manage having that number.


So here are my tips to drink four or more cups of green tea per day:

Swap your morning tea/coffee for green tea.

Have a cup of green tea in your brunch to avoid that morning sickness you face on your office desk!

Drink a cup of green tea after lunch and turn that dizzy afternoon into an active hour.

Adding a cup of green tea with evening snack will do simply great to make some space for your favourite dinner.

Drink one cup of green tea after dinner and you will burn more fat while sleeping.

Drink a cup of green tea before and after workout and it will make your body a calories burning machine!


Well, that’s what I tried personally and this is how it worked for me. You can always split it up any way you want or in any way it gets settled in your routine. All you need to make sure is to hit the fourth cup of green tea at least at the day end to make sure weight loss happens.

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