Start your own blog is my number one advice to any mommy that asks me “how can I make money from home”. Of course, the reason is that I am successful at it and I want more and more mommies to be successful with this business model.

So, this article will discuss the basics of starting your own blog (nor the freelance writing career, neither blogging for fun) with an intention to make money out of it. Here are my 5 points to consider before you start blogging business.


1- What will  you sell: the final product that you are going to sell on your blog, it can be anything, your recipes, something from Amazon, your own handmade stuff, makeup, kids clothing or your experience (believe me it’s a big product, for instance, if you’re a trained psychologist, not working right now you may give free advice on your blog and answer personalized queries for a payment, an HR professional can create HR processes for startups and sell on blog. Ideas are countless, but choosing the right one matters most. Check this list of

Ideas are countless, but choosing the right one matters most. Check this list of small business ideas for a reference. Yes, you do need to research when it comes to find a profitable business idea. My advice is to stick to your experience and passion.

2- Who you will be targeting: It is important, because, you must know your potential buyers before you pitch them anything. If you’re selling makeup; who will be your target audience, i.e. other mommies, teenagers or working professionals. If you’re selling your recipes, what cuisine you will be offering and

If you’re selling your recipes, what cuisine you will be offering and so on! Know your audience fully, i.e. who they are, where do they live, how big is that target audience etc. It is important because the more you know the behaviour of your target audience, the better product/service you will offer which in return will grow your business faster.

3- Have you got the material: In case of selling products, you must have to have the physical inventory, in case if you’re going to sell recipes make sure you have them written with relevant images. If you’re going to sell your experience, have a few guides ready….

4- How will I manage the time for my blogging business: Let me tell you very honestly that people who say working from home is easy and you don’t have to do anything should just shut up….. We are living in an age where people are most aware and you cannot just make money by fooling others, you need to put real effort in business and to do so, you need time….

This is important for you mommy to consider!

Make sure, you can specify at least 2 to 4 hours/day to your blogging business in order to get it running. And, if you want to grow it, you need to incur more time.

5- Are you ready to learn new things: I am into blogging for more than 11 years now, but believe me every day I learn new things and I love to learn new things, discover the solutions.

Blogging is full of challenges, i.e. not every blogger mommy has a techie hubby, so you may need to get the tech things get fixed by someone, but you should know things yourself to avoid future mishaps. Moreover, blogging is not just about posting content, rather it’s more about reaching target audience, educating them, making them interested in your offers and finally selling them and this whole process requires a lot of reading, doing things yourself.

If you’re not ready to learn new things, you cannot go with blogging or in fact you cannot go with any type of business.

I hope my five points are good enough to motivate you for blogging. Stay tuned for next episode, I will discuss most profitable blogging ideas in next post.

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