Because your kid will spend most of his or her time in their crib, you should choose the best baby crib that guarantees their security, happy and wholesome. Here are some of the things you should consider when choosing the right baby crib to buy.


Different people have individual preferences when it comes to the issue of fashion. But just bear in mind that there are cribs with a clear head and foot board that enables you to view your baby from all dimensions.

Some cribs have solid wood panels while others have slats instead for both ends. Those with the head solid wood panels and foot-board usually look nice and classy as well as partially blocking the view of your baby. So, apart from color and style, you should also consider the practicality of the designs.



If you need a crib with casters, ensure that it is designed with a lockable mechanism. These cribs are practical as you can comfortably push it to a different place when needed. For example, if your baby is sick, you may prefer the crib stay in your room rather than the nursery, and this is where the casters are fitted.


Remember that your baby will be gradually growing with time and it will not take long before he or she starts to bounce in the crib. Therefore, choose one that is sturdy and firm that can withstand the weight of a bouncing baby. Remember that most of them have to be assembled after their purchase. So, if you are not good at putting things together, consider one that is easy to assemble and yet stable.

Adjustable Mattress Base

It is good to be able to adjust the base of the crib to ensure it accommodates your baby at different growth stages. Most cribs have a 3-level mattress for height adjustments although some have up to five. The essential consideration is how far down the mattress base can go. Generally, the lower it can go, the longer you would be able to keep your baby in the crib before the toddler bed transition.

Drop Sides

If you are worried about safety, there are cribs in the market that have no drop sides. However, most parents would not be tall enough for such cribs. If you need to buy one that has at least one drop side, check the latches. Make sure that a child cannot easily release them.

Remember that your baby will grow to be a toddler, and if you are still using the crib by then, it makes sense to have hard-to-release drop sides. There are single-handed and dual-handed drop side releases for different cribs. You should test it for yourself to determine what functions best according to your preference.


Some cribs can be convertible to a full-sized bed and even toddler bed. While this will extend the use of the crib, you will realize that some of these convertible cribs require you to purchase the conversion kit separately.

Hence, you would need to determine the total cost by adding in the parts needed for the conversion.

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