The toy industry is booming. New toys are manufactured every day! While toys are meant to be fun and enjoyable, they might also end up sending your child to the emergency room if you aren’t careful. Choking is the primary concern for kids since they tend to place things inside their mouth.

The best toys for kids are made keeping in mind the guidelines and specifications by the U.S Consumer Product Safety Commission. However, parents are required to bear in mind certain things when they purchase popular kids toys.

The first thing that should be remembered is that the stuffed toys should be washable. If they aren’t, the dirt can be dangerous for little kids and can cause stomach infection. Make sure that the toys that are painted, must be lead-free. The material used to make them should be made with food grade plastic and non-toxic materials.


Battery operated toys need to have a battery case that is secured with screws so that kids can’t access them. Check the battery regularly to prevent them from leaking. Children tend to chew their toys as well, so make sure that the toys that give your toddlers are chewing resistant and do not break inside their mouth while they are chewing it.

Also, keep an eye out for sharp edges and long strings since they can also be hazardous in several cases.

Even if you are taking in hand-me-down toys from family and friends, make sure that they are safe and clean before you let your child play with them. The sentimental value for them might be high, but your kids’ health should always come first.

Action figures and collectibles are one of the most popular toys these days. Kids usually start collecting action figures after watching a particular show or film. These action figures are usually small and can be swollen. The best action figure toys available on Epic Kids Toys are not meant for young toddlers and babies. They are for kids who know how to treat toys and won’t choke on them.


There is an extensive collection of Star Wars and Marvel superhero action figures available in their retail and online stores. The action figures that are meant for young children have rounded edges and are chunky so that they cannot be swollen or poked into the eyes. There is a broad range of military playset with soldiers, planes, helicopters, and tanks. The whole set varies in the number of pieces. These are usually meant for older children.

For the younger children, there are mini fire truck sets with firemen. They also have a railway track set and my town play sets. These are sure to make children happy and can also help them learn about the outside world. The majority of the building sets are meant to be created from scratch and work like building blocks.

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