Once in a lifetime, we all want to change the hair color and so we look for options. You could imagine the trouble if you’ve ever wanted to change hair color!

So you know how frustrating it can be being overwhelmed with choices; Light, dark, or what else… will it suit me or not…. So you start taking suggestions and thinking of the your routine parlor lady to be an expert you go for her advice and BANG….. the color doesn’t just suit you….

Though, I am no more into looking for changing color, because I’ve already changed a lot and now m resting in peace with one Henna color that does suit me and is easiest to manage, however, I have always been curious to know how to find the right hair color that best suits you…. so found an infographic…. out of which I am cutting the two main steps…

Step 1: Consider Your Skin Tone/Complexion


Step 2: Consider the Color of Your Eyes


That’s the simplest way to find the right color for your hair, and I am sure you are going to make right choice with this method….

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