As a fact of the matter, behavior is driven by emotion, let it be any person of any age. People act from their emotions and same is the case with children. The only difference is that adults can later justify their behavior with logic, while the child cannot.

Do keep this in mind when dealing with a toddler or a child.

We normally overuse the word “No” with toddlers, while they’re in an age full of inquisition and mind hungry for new experiences. And this is where the actual problem arises!

Do you remember that old story of the little shepherd crying “wolf, “wolf”, just to kill his boredom, and villagers stopped responding to false cries?

That’s how the toddlers stop responding to parents’ “no” on everything and a negative behavior starts stemming right from there!


So, if you really want to improve your child’s behavior, start building a strong relationship based on emotions. Let them explore things, don’t worry about the untidy house. It’s not a big, clean and well decorated house that makes a great mommy, but a strong rapport!

Secondly, we at times are so much concerned about the child that, we feel risk in smaller things and try to overprotect the child by enforcing fear, hesitation, unnecessary assistance etc. This is what we call helicopter parenting, and it’s not a good deal at all. Simply, beware of helicopter parenting and let your child build confidence by experimenting himself.


Yes, do keep a careful watch, but do not get overly involved in things which he needs to do himself! Remember the law of nature, baby when starts walking; he gets hundreds of falls before he is able to stand and take a step. Would you stop your child from standing and walking, just because of the fear of falling?

Certainly not!

So, give space to your child, set limits as he grows, keep a careful watch, do not say no on everything, but do not let everything go too… Do say no where necessary!

Developing Good behavior in toddlers is not a rocket science, but it needs patience and your attention!

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