Let it be household or job related work, we want things to be done faster and accurate and we all strive for it. Some people can do so and other search for stuff like:

How to do work faster in office?

How to finish assignments fast?

How to do school work faster?

How to work faster and smarter?

How to work faster in a kitchen?

How to work faster and more efficiently?

How to work faster in exams?

How to clean a home faster?

How to decorate your house quickly?

How to work quickly and accurately?

How to work quickly and efficiently?

And so many more similar questions to increase productivity at home, workplace, school/college, organizing an event, running a campaign, selling a product and doing just anything.


 Here goes all what can help you in general in in specific cases.

1- Wake up early; before others are up and start working without distractions.

2- Make a to do list and have a simple yet effective plan of action throughout the day.

3- Limit your time by setting deadlines for each task.

4- Treat yourself every time you check items off your list. Do it in any way you want.

5- Try picking up the pace by working faster on repetitive items.

6-Tune off the TV running in the background.

7- Concentrate on one task at a time.

8- Do the important first.

9- Suppress the urgent.

10- Start with the simplest and easiest tasks first.

11- Delegate the tasks which can be best done by others.

If you need other creative ways to increase productivity at workplace, try listening to your favorite music, explore creative websites, surround yourself with creative people, change your workspace often and so on.

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