Ceiling fans can help homeowners achieve optimum comfort and reduce energy savings the entire years. Ceiling fans give cool breeze during summer session so that you can save more energy by not using air conditioners. It also gives heated air and keeps the room warm in the winter months by pushing down the warm air to spread the entire room. Ceiling fans installation requires a little bit of basic knowledge of linking electrical wiring, and also you may need some extra help to lift the fan to place it.


  • Ceiling Fan
  • Screwdriver
  • Cordless Drill
  • Wood 2×4
  • Saw
  • Three inches Wood screws
  • Voltage Tester
  • Stepstool or Ladder

You should know that electrical boxes that are used to fix ceiling lights are not adequate to hold the weight of ceiling fan. That is why you must replace the present electrical box that is particularly designed to hold ceiling fans. Ceiling fan installation is a very simple process and it is a one-day job, especially when you are replacing ceiling fan to the existing light fixture as the ceiling fan wiring is not needed.


But, when you are using the existing current box for fixing the ceiling fan, it may not be strong enough to hold the weight of the fan especially when it is vibrating mode.  If you don’t have an access from above for placing a ceiling fan, then you must use a high-rated hanger and electric box to fix the fan between beams or bolt it win a fan-rated “pancake” box directly to a ceiling beam as it is very thin.

Replacing the ceiling fan to the Existing Light Fixture:

Turn off the electricity and remove the light fixture carefully, use a screwdriver to unscrew the screws of the fixture. Now, bring the fixture down and disconnect the wire by removing the plastic connectors placed on the ends of the wires.

Make a new hole by after removing the box from the ceiling.  If it is fixed to a beam, then use a flat bar to remove the fixture or if it is hanging from a bar, then unscrew the box and use the bar to remove from the beam.

Take a ½ inch thick pancake-box and hold it against the ceiling, place it in the center of the beam, and with a pencil trace around it. Now, cut the ceiling around the mark using a drywall saw. Now, attach the new AC box to install a ceiling fan.

Place the current cable, which was taken from the ceiling into the knockout hole in PB (Pancake Box) and make sure it is connected to hole properly. Now, place the box into the hole made on the ceiling and push and press so that it fits tight against the bottom of the beam.

Attach the box to the beam with two 1 ½ inch No-10 hex-head screws.  Using the screwdrivers tighten the screws or use the drill that contains 5/16 inch nut-driver tip. Now, put all the wire inside the box and allow some wire end to hang down.

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