Let it be a wedding coming in or you have to attend another important event, you can lose upto 10 pounds in one week.

Well, I never recommend faster weight loss, because it’s not healthy at first and the faster you lose weight, the faster you gain it back. However, there are times when you are running short of time and you must fit in your favourite dress, so you can occasionally try the faster weight loss method.

When I did this, I did lot of research to make sure it’s not unhealthy.

So the method I am going to discuss to lose 10 pounds in one week is something I’ve tried and tested myself. It really worked for me and I made sure it is healthy too. Though it’s healthy option, you must not try it for two consecutive weeks even. Try it one week and then give your body a break for next three weeks with healthy diet plan.

To make things working, you have to follow the method properly. Here go details:

Step 1: Know the Fact & Be Realistic:

To lose one pound of fat you need to burn 3500 more calories than your intake. It means you need to burn 35,000 calories to lose 10 pounds (in one week) which is nearly impossible. So the method I am going to discuss will help you lose the water weight mainly.


You may lose upto 3 pounds of fat, but rest all will be water weight which may come back if you don’t care afterwards.

Step 2: Know the Plan:

The plan is very easy to follow. All you have to do is to drink lot of water. Well, water is natural diuretic, which means the more water you intake the more it will flush the retained water in your body along with other toxins making your body lighter weight.


So, get a 250 ml glass/cup and keep it for measuring your water intake as described below:

Day 1: Drink 20 glasses (5 ltrs) of water.

Day 2: Drink 15 glasses (3.75 ltrs) of water.

Day 3: Drink 10 glasses (2.5 ltrs) of water.

Day 4: Drink 8 glasses (2 ltrs) of water.

Day 5: Drink 6 glasses (1.5 ltrs) of water.

Day 6: Drink 4 glasses (1 ltr) of water.

Day 7: Drink 4 glasses (1 ltr) of water.


Drinking lot of water doesn’t mean that you don’t eat anything. You can eat your regular meals as you do in the normal routine. Well, drinking that much of water is tough, so here I can help you find out when drinking water works best for weight loss.

  • As soon as you get up each morning
  • 1 hour later (before breakfast)
  • After every cup of coffee/tea
  • 20 Minutes before each main meal
  • 2 Hours before going to bed

Step 3: Know What to Eat and What Not to:

While you are on this one week weight loss plan, make sure you avoid:

  • Sodium (salt and any other items that contain high sodium content).
  • Sugar (Including all the sweets)
  • Starchy Foods


Eating fibre rich foods, vegies, and proteins (lean meats and pulses) help you manage this weight loss plan well and be successful at it.


This one week weight loss plan doesn’t just help you lose most of access water weight, but also keeps your body hydrated. To avoid gaining this weight again do drink at least 4 glasses of water every day and keep your sodium and sugar intake low if you cannot leave them.

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