Looking to add some extra bucks to your income by working from home? When you think of working from home, you may have so many business ideas but to work online is paramount. The best thing about working online is that if you don’t have much knowledge about making money online, you can complete survey on sites which will pay you in return.

Certainly you will not make a huge amount but I think it is a nice way to add enough dollars to  pay for a luxury spa trip, a high end dine out, a staycation or even buy the best gift to your child and having it all at the convenience of working from home.

Well I have collected list of some legitimate survey websites, from where you can earn good money:


Swagbucks: The best thing about this survey site is that you can easily take out cash. You can also redeem your earned points for Amazon Gift Card right away! $.50 to $50 can be earned per survey depending upon the time that takes to complete the survey, plus you will get $3 at the time off signup.

Survey Junkie: Another authentic survey company as you can complete surveys on this website really quick and you will get rewards in returns, when you earn 1,000 points you can cash out $10. You can also earn 300 points for some surveys on this website.

Point Club: You will get guaranteed points for every single survey you complete for this company. Plus, you will get $5 at the time of signing up.

Harris Poll: owned by Nielsen Company (so there is no doubt of it authentication), known for connecting survey panelists for local groups in its region and pays a good amount on completion of survey.

Opinion Outpost: You will earn points for every survey you complete here and these points can be redeemed instantly in cash or gift cards for sites like Amazon, walmart. You can also do free product testing here.

Well, these are just a few of them but there are hundreds of websites out there that offer you money for completing surveys. The key to earn more is to join more and more survey sites. The more surveys you do, the more you earn. And yes, join the sites where you can do surveys from mobile. This way you can make better use of your free time.

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