Getting your hair thin after crossing 30 is very normal, however, some people tend to have thin hair earlier as well due to variety of reason, i.e. illness, heredity, hormonal imbalance, medication etc.

Well, whatever the cause is, you may try various options to regrow the lost hair, but the process is going to take long. In the meantime, what you can do is to make your thin hair look thicker and that’s what I am going to discuss in this article.

I myself underwent various hair problems and almost everyone suggested to forget long hair and cut them short to look thicker, but let me tell you, that’s the bad advice….Even with long thin hair you can make them look thicker and beautiful!

So, here I go:

1: Keep Your Hair Clean:

Well, as a matter of the fact, hair look thinner than their actual volume, when too much of sebum (oil secreted from scalp) stays in your hair. Depending upon your scalp skin type, you should decide how often you should shampoo your hair. You can feel the oily, and dirty scalp just seeing close in the mirror.

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2: Condition The Strands; Not Roots:

Conditioning your hair is a good way to make them look shinier and flawless, however, make sure you do not put conditioner in the roots, as it’s going to cause dandruff. Use a mild conditioner, and if you are more concerned about not using chemical products, just use lemon water as conditioner.

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3: Dry Your Hair in Open Air/Sunlight:

Wet hair look thinner, so just dry them as soon as you’re done with the cleaning process. Drying in sun light is probably the best way to dry your hair. Do not use blow dry or any other artificial heat to dry your hair, that’s going to damage them and you’ll lose more strands.


4: Oil Your Hair Only an Hour before Washing:

That old school practice of oiling your hair and leaving them overnight for healthy hair actually doesn’t work for thinner hair. Once, with think hair, I loved that, but with thin hair, just forget it and oil your hair only when you intend to wash them in an hour or maximum two.


5: Dye Them Dark:

The lighter colors in thin hair make them look thinner, so ideally pick the darker shade of your natural hair color and go with it. Make sure to use Ammonia free hair colors, else expect early arrival of grey hair.


6: Dye Your Hair Once Every Six Weeks:

Good Ammonia free hair colors do not just color your hair, but also provide them nourishing look and feel which lasts about six weeks or 28 to 30 washes. Getting this low cost treatment at home is good enough to give your hair a bouncy and shiny look!

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7: Choose the Right Hairstyle:

Some people suggest to leave them open while others say tying works well. But, let me tell you the truth that it depends on your face cut, height, age and of course the dress and the event.  You can have plenty of options for events, i.e. extensions, hairdo from a stylist etc. but in general below are some ideas to pick for day to day routine.

Now as I talked about the right hairstyle, you have variety to choose from, but in case if you are looking for instant thickness, let me discuss a few options.

  • Backcomb your hair; but you must know the right way to undo it when needed, else you’re going to lose more hair.
  • Use a Hairspray/Mousse in damp hair.
  • Get the rollers on crown of your head for an hour.
  • Use a dry texturizing spray.
  • Flip your part and style your hair on the opposite side from where your part usually falls.
  • Use a dry shampoo at night, not in the morning.

Enough to let you make your thin hair look thinker instantly as well as in long run. Do try the option that better suits your conditions.

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