Normally people who work in front of computer or those who have to spend more time in one direction often feel pain in neck and or shoulder. But at times continuously working on household stuff and day to day tensions also cause neck & shoulders pain.

No matter how energetic your body is, if you have discomfort in neck and shoulders, you cannot just do anything and above all, you cannot sleep well too.

By spending just a few minutes in massaging your neck and shoulders you can actually get rid of all this pain and refresh yourself. Doing it in the day time can let you get back to the work easily while doing it before going to bed will ensure a sound sleep!

Though lying down massage across your upper chest and across and round your shoulders works better, but that’s best only if someone does it for you. Below are some steps that do not need anyone’s help and you yourself can do it well.

Turn your head straight and work on the back side of your neck with finger tips. Put very little pressure with the tips only and do it downwards first and then upwards.


A few strokes later, move to shoulders and exert finger tips pressure outwards.


Now work on your neck with your hand cupped.


Then work up between your shoulder blades to the base of your skull.


So this is all what you need to do in five minutes and get back to life:

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