Did you know that the muscle strain is often caused by an underlying neck problem? It may be a spinal stenosis, arthritis, or disc degeneration, but it is triggered due to any reason, the life becomes hell!

You may have a chronic neck pain or have just woken up with a stiff neck; it is important to harness the pain right away, else it is going to make your routine activities nearly impossible!

The first thing that you must do to deal the neck pain is to change your pillow. For some people, the neck pain decreases as they lie down on their back with the head supported by a relatively flat pillow, while others feel good with a pillow in side-lying position.

Well, the fact of the matter is that in order to deal with the neck pain properly, you pillow must be adjusted in height and firmness which can only be determined by your sleeping position, the hardness of your mattress, your body structure and your personal preferences.

So, you need a pillow that keeps your cervical spine in neutral alignment, i.e. the pillow should support and maintain the natural curve of your neck by adjusting itself according to your sleeping patterns.

So, don’t think of buying just another pillow from the any other store, rather invest in neck pain pillow; it’s a pillow that is not only comfortable but also provides proper support. Unlike ordinary pillows, the Aquasoft Pillo is adjustable in height and firmness to make sure that your head, neck and shoulders are relaxing while you are sleeping.


The Aquasoft Pillow is the only one of its kind and it comes with a unique water compartment that is surrounded by polyester fibres of the highest quality to help you get rid of the neck pain.

Even if you do not have a chronic neck pain, shifting to the Aquasoft Pillow will allow you to prevent it from happening!

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