Face is the index of mind; and also the most prominent and important part of your personality, so it needs most of the care.

No matter, how good cosmetics you uses, if you are tired, all your tiredness is shown right on your face. This is why it is important to get your face massage, at least once a week or else whenever you see yourself looking tired right from your face.

You may not afford going to beauty salon that often either due to budget constraint or else time, so knowing the right face massage technique can help a lot.


With a self-face-massage, you get back all your freshness right at home and even in a few minutes.

Here’re some basic tips that help you to make self face massage work best:

*- Stroke all over your face.

*- Don’t ignore forehead, give it a good time, and gentle strokes.

*- Use fingertips of both hands only.

*- Press with your thumbs just below the inner eyebrow corner, for three to four times.

*- Stroke down the side of your face to the jawline.

*- Pinch all along your jawline from ear to ear.

Also find the below image to know the Shaitsu Face Massage technique, which is done with light finger pressure. It is said to be the best way to keep your face look younger even in advance age.


The Shaitsu massage techniques comes from Geisha (traditional Japanese female entertainers) and they were certainly as busy as we are. But taking five minutes out every day to take care of your face is none too difficult.

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