Body massage as it always sets you refresh should be part of your personal health care. But if your tummy has grown lot of fats around it and you really want to get rid of itmassaging your tummy is a must along with exercises and careful eating.

Some people look for professional tummy massage to lose tummy fat, but giving it a first try at home yourself is harmless. In fact you may start seeing better results and save lot of money.

Self-massaging your tummy will need to heed on the following steps:

1- Rub backwards and forwards across lower abdomen.


2- Stroke down from the solar plexus hand behind hand to your navel.


3- Continuing the same, stroke down from the solar plexus tracing your rib cage to your waistline with both hands.

4- With hands reinforced ‘iron’ in circle all over the abdomen with even pressure.


5- Squeeze up each side from your hipbones past your waist.


To massage your tummy, you may use any oil of your choice, but olive oil is the best one. Massage your tummy daily for five minutes as discussed above and you should see a considerable improvement in two weeks.

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