Hunting can be a great activity for your family, and doing on regular basis with friends and families (during hunting season) is probably the best way to have more fun at low cost. However, the most important point to consider when hunting is to take care of your hunting clothes. Animals in general and deer , in particular, re known to have an amazing sense of smell. This is why hunters need to ensure that every scent from them is reduced and of course, this involves the smell of their bodies and those on their clothes.

In this piece, I will be sharing with you on how you can wash your hunting clothes. There are many products in the market for this but if you use a washer or detergents and dryers, you will have a scent coming out of your cloth.

Before I start, I would suggest equipping yourself with the best accessories if you plan to make hunting a regular activity, i.e. having best tree stand is a must because the opponents aren’t some dumb creatures ready to be killed.


Getting back to washing the clothes the right way, I will suggest to wash them manually:

1- Soak in cold water. Your clothes can be soaked overnight if they are very dirty and for blood stains as well as protein-type stains, cold water is better than hot water. If you have a piece of cloth that is wet and has been exposed to mildew odour, you will need to buy additional white vinegar and add a cup to your water. This will remove the mildew and the vinegar smell after rinsing.

  • After soaking it and before removing it, dip the clothes in and out of the water for a number of times. With this, every sand or stones will loosen.
  • Bring out the clothes from the water and put a separator that can be placed in the bucket to avoid the stones getting back to your clothes. Refill with cold water and add soda.

2- Start Washing. Start washing the clothes but each article at a time. Shake off each cloth with a washer tool for a minute to five minutes. It will be less stressful to work on an elevated for easy washing and a bit of comfort.

  • Now you are done the washing, you will need to remove it from the soapy water and rinse it again. If the clothes still have soap and dirt on them, then put them back in the water and keep rinsing until the rinse water is clean and clear.

3- Rinse And Dry The Clothes. It is time to wring it. This is important for the clothes to dry in a reasonable amount of time. You will need to use a chamois towel to twist and remove any remaining water.

  • Your clothes are ready, you now have to dry them and preferably air drying. This will remove all the dirt that might be remaining.
  • When dry, store them in a dry place to avoid mildew, preferably in a plastic bag. For the purpose of scents which animals can perceive, putting leaves around the washed clothes will make it smell like the natural habitat of the animals. That way when you go hunting next time, your scent won’t sell you out.

And yes, in order to do less effort on washing your hunting clothes, make sure you take time to find the best hunting pants ever.


Among the most important skills you need to master as a hunter, learning how to wash hunting clothes is indeed of paramount importance. This is because aside from serving the obvious fact of removing dirt from them, washing our hunting clothes is an ideal way of getting those smells away from them. If our clothes do not have any smells, [human or perfume-related], we can stalk and come as close as possible to our target before pouncing; with an effect that when we strike, we will almost always hit the target. And yes, most important of all, do check the local hunting regulations before you plan your next trip, because regulations and laws differ state to state and country to country!

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