Being a mommy has its own perks, but there comes a time when you feel that you should do something more than just cleaning, cooking, picking up toys, doing laundry, dropping kids off at school, picking them up, sleeping and then getting up the next morning to repeat everything!

I am asked this question often in emails as well as in person, if freelance writing is a good career option for stay at home mommies? I can understand their desire to get back to the professional life while keeping close to their children and making themselves available for them 24/7.

But, let me tell you that transition from stay at home mom to a successful freelance writer is not neither quick nor easy! So, if you are really serious about starting a freelance writing career, you must start it step by step.


Step 1: Know if You Have Writing Talent

This is the most important phase; it’s about identifying your ability to do work for which you’ll eventually be paid.

If you understand the basics of grammar, punctuation and syntax and you can write in short bursts of time, you certainly have that “natural” talent for writing.

Step 2: Acquire the Necessary Skills

In case, if you do not have the “natural” talent, you may still pursue the freelance writing career from home with effective research. There are many websites that offer work from home writing jobs for beginners; you can start as a beginner and can develop the required skills gradually!

There are jobs for writers with no experience; so, don’t worry about the experience if you have the passion to grow yourself.

Step 3: Moving Forward to High Paying Freelance Jobs

Basic writing skill is the key to establish yourself as a professional freelance writer. But to grow your freelance writing career and taking it to the next level, you need something more, i.e.

  • Bring diversity in your writing, i.e. have expertise in more than one niches.
  • Don’t just stick to writing one type of articles; have good grip over short articles, detailed features, blog posts, presentations, sales pitches, newsletters etc.
  • Grow your network by connecting with potential clients on business networks like Linkedin, Meetup etc.


So, Are You All Set to Step into Freelance Writing?

Remember that it takes more than just the talent of a writing to be a successful freelance writer, and growing your freelance writing career along with your kids requires parallel effort!

Here are some tips from my personal experiences to help you start and grow freelance writing career.

  • There can be tons of distractions that you must avoid through sheer willpower.
  • You must also be flexible enough to return to your task with little effort when you had to pause because of an interruption.
  • You must keep the client’s satisfaction as a priority, just as you ensure health & well being of your kids.
  • You must seek the support of your partner in this endeavor, because you need it!
  • Must have a home office area where you can work without distractions.

And, one final consideration, which is most important, i.e. “The Money”. Generally, the stay at home mommies are not likely to contribute in house hold expenses, so it is considered that during the transition period you should not expect the return in terms on money. But as you start growing, the writing industry has a huge potential!

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