Legionella is an extremely deadly aquatic organism and it is commonly found in the water bodies likes of ponds, streams, rivers, etc. When the water is fetched from such natural reservoirs, it is treated to kill any sorts of bacteria present in it. However, in rare situations, the bacteria can survive and can multiply very rapidly. The Legionella can also be found in the air through the evaporation of the contaminated water, which is then inhaled by the individual and becomes contagious to the infection.


Infection with Legionella can lead an individual to develop severe Legionnaires Diseases such as pneumonia or Pontiac Fever. They can experience different symptoms, including shivers, cough, cold, muscle ache, tiredness, headaches or chest pains.

Yes, the individuals who are infected with bacteria can be treated well with antibiotics. More than 200 people per year in the United Kingdom get affected with Legionnaires Disease and 20% of those cases are perilous. The individuals having comprised immune system, older people or chain smokers are at a higher risk of fatality if they become infected with bacteria.

The point to be noted is that a Legionella risk assessment is a legal requirement under the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974. The landowners and managers are responsible to take an essential care towards the health safety of the employees or workers.

The cooling towers, hot and cold water systems and air conditioning units constitute the breeding grounds for the bacteria. Such water systems must be risk assessed, routinely tested and monitored to ensure that they are bacteria free. The frequency of testing depends upon several factors, including the recent detection time and the kind of water system.

Aquacert provides best Legionella testing, risk assessments in the UK. Serving for 20 years, the testing involves monitoring each part of the water system to ensure they are free from Legionella bacteria. It also ensures that water systems are operating smoothly and correctly to cut down the risk of Legionella outbreak.

The company provides a manual which is particularly designed for monitoring, creating awareness and step-by-step guide to use the test kit. If the bacteria are detected, then the company takes up the control to disinfect the contaminated water at once. Apart from specializing in Legionella Testing Kits and the UK’s longest serving organization, the company offers a wide variety of services to the customers.

It provides E-learning courses which include all the important information for the employees to keep the business compliant and secure. The modules are so designed which can be undertaken in small time slots to match the demanding roles.

It deals with a massive range of thermometers. You can keep a record of temperatures every month in the water hygiene logbook. It also supplies water chemicals, such as showerhead gels which keep the bacteria at bay.  For more information, you can browse into https://www.aquacert.co.uk/legionella-testing-kits-uk/.

In a nutshell, it is evident that you should be aware of Legionella bacteria and keep a regular check on the water systems located around you to prevent its growth.

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