Renovating and redecorating a home can be a time taking task besides being just. Let it be the kitchen only; it may take weeks for you to think of design ideas, compare materials, compare prices, buying stuff and finally putting everything on place. The best way to save time and money is to explore design ideas online and read how others made it.

Every woman wants a kitchen that has enough space, because when it comes to cook, you literally need it. Unfortunately, not everyone gets a bigger kitchen, especially in the urbanized living where we have to make the both ends meet. If you have a small kitchen, which you think gets messy quickly because you don’t have enough space, you might be looking for ideas and tips to make it look and feel bigger, brighter and tidier!

Having a small kitchen, I was desperately looking for ideas to make it look and feel better and I explored tons of online resources for the same. Here I am sharing some useful ideas, which I found in my quest of kitchen renovation and redecoration.

1- Clean it up, set everything aside and you’ll have a clear idea about the exact space you have.

2- Start with thinking of something minimalist yet playful. It’s ideal option for single person or a couple.


3- Of course, when your family grows, you need more stuff and of course a big kitchen. So, you can make your small traditional kitchen more accommodating with extra shelves. You may use wrap around shelving too.



4- Store pots and pans smartly, here are some pots and pans storage ideas I discussed earlier.


5- Use cabinet dividers to make more space; use the dividers smartly to organize more items in limited space.



6- Make smart use of visible space, i.e. try counter side dining rather than a dining table. You can make it look bigger too, simply by using mirrors.


7- Using bright colors and lights also give make your kitchen look bigger.


7- Avoid useless decorations, rather use items that look beautiful yet have a purpose.


Hope it helps you get your dream kitchen out of a smaller space!

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