Almost 90% of people working while sitting are suffering from low back pain. Are you also one of them?

Well, I did have low back pain while I was on desk job, but it went severe in the post pregnancy period. Even I used to associate just any other disease with me while doing online research for finding the reason of back pain, but fortunately, I discovered some useful stuff that helped me manage it effectively.


You may not get rid of low back pain, but yes, knowing the actual causes can help you manage it effectively.

It’s very strange that this low back pain is caused by most of our day to day activities.

Most importantly, if you don’t have any medical condition or you are not pregnant or you are not in the post pregnancy period, it’s caused by sitting for long hour.

Just have a look at your daily routine to see whatever you do while sitting:

  • Eating
  • Working on desks
  • Driving
  • Having Tea
  • Watching TV
  • Using bathroom
  • Some people even sleep while sitting

While sitting, we have hips and knees bent, that causes the pain in low back. When we sit for long hours, back, shoulders, hip flexors and quadriceps become tight and make our buttocks muscles week.


Further, the deep core muscles that stabilize our spine also become week, causing you low back pain, so avoid sitting for long hours, and do relax your body after short intervals even if you are on desk job.

During pregnancy and other times when you do not have long sitting routine, and you are actually very active in doing stuff, the main cause of low back pain is the shift in center of gravity; whereby your lower back gets the most of your weight on it and so the pressure exerted there causes pain.


In this case, you must stop exerting more pressure on back and give it the necessary rest.


Better is to put something warm, like warm water bottle or a freshly ironed towel. There are some heat pads available in pharmacies too, however, you must consult the pharmacist before to make sure it helps.

Working hard and exerting more pressure on the lower back will only worsen the pain. You may also take some pain killer, but I would suggest not to take pain killers as they cause constipation.

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