Well wrinkle and sagged skin is not just because of aging but can also happen due to various other reasons including exposure to extreme climate, weight loss etc.

As a result of success in weight loss, wrinkles and sagged skin welcomed me and I started looking for home remedies as well as products that can help with quick recovery. Found this offer in a local supermarket and bought it right away.

Well, as a whole I am not satisfied with L’Oreal REVITALIFT at all, at it didn’t work 10% even for wrinkles removal or sagged skin recovery. Below I am going to discuss the details!

L’Oreal REVITALIFT Day Cream:

L’Oreal claims that this high performance formula has an intensive action for firmness & anti-wrinkle efficiency thanks to the new Dermalift technology and Pro-Retinol.

But, It didn’t seem to be 10% of it working for me!

They further say, “It also provides UVA & UVB protection to help prevent premature ageing. Its ultra light and creamy texture glides onto the skin smoothly.”

This claim seems to be fine as the cream absorbs quickly leaving a smooth skin, and I did feel it working while I am outside.

L’Oreal REVITALIFT Night Cream:


L’Oreal’s claim is, “During the night, this powerful night cream stimulates skin regeneration by stimulating skin’s 8 natural lifters. Wake up to a more beautiful skin. Face regains elasticity and firmness, wrinkles are visibly reduced.”, which I will not endorse partially. Yes, I did feel a fresher skin in the morning, but wrinkles are visibly not reduced.

The combination may work to prevent anti aging as your skin starts showing the aging effects right after 25. So, if you are seeing the early signs of wrinkles this may work for you, but if you have already developed visible wrinkles, this is not going to work.

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