Other than being concerned about the beauty of your hair, you must realize the fact you’re your scalp has a big responsibility, i.e. it keeps your brain safe and sound and it’s your brain that you cannot live without.

So, give your scalp the best treatment yourself making your brain work as good as it always does and rest of the things will be taken care automatically.

Massaging is the best treatment for your scalp, as it improves the blood circulation which results as better absorption of oils and making the scalp skin healthier and you get fresh mind with beautiful hair.


Massaging your scalp however require you to know the right technique, and here it is.

Always massage your scalp as gently as if shampooing your hair. Being hard and fast will just make things worse.

Lock your fingers on to your scalp and move them over your skull to increase the blood circulation. Repeat it for several times.


Choose the oil that best suits your skull; you can change the oils alternatively to see which one works better.

Always, finish your self-scalp-massage by lying down completely relaxing hands open at your sides and breathing deeply for a minute or two.


Follow these simple steps and see how refreshed you are!

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