The number one item from Glambox July 2016 issue, I must say! The 7ml sample size of MAXON Deo7 Deodorant Cream is enough for 3 to 4 uses and I am so pleased with the contents of the product and of course the results.

Well, this is surely, a powerful solution for unpleasant body odor; just apply once and keep yourself fresh for up to seven days. The odor protection goes on even if you take shower in between, so a must have for all those who want to stay fresh all the time!


Surely, a summer must-have, but I believe it’s a much needed item for winters even when the layers of clothes make you feel unpleasant.

As per the product description, the MAXON Deo7 deodorant cream contains Australian tea tree which acts gently & effectively against the causes of the body’s unpleasant odor. It is alcohol and aluminum free and doesn’t block pores thus allowing normal and healthy perspiration without irritating or darkening the skin.



MAXON Deo7 Deodorant Cream can be found in almost all pharmacies across the UAE and is priced well so you can have it even if you’ve a low monthly beauty budget. The 30 ml container comes in AED 32 which can last up to 10 to 15 weeks.

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