The next goodie from Glambox July edition that needs a detailed review is MAXON Hair Care Oil which claims to be a rejuvenating formula for nourishing, softening and strengthening your hair.

Well, it’s certainly a life saver for chemically treated and damaged hair! The MAXON Hair Care Oil with its advanced rejuvenating, non-greasy formula deeply penetrates each follicle inducing lipids to produce healthier hair and scalp.


The MAXON Hair Care Oil doesn’t just give a fresher look to your hair but actually works to revive your scalp and hair making them healthier, stronger and lustrous. The product description says that the Oil is 100% natural and does not contain any colors, fragrance or chemicals, however, it does have its very own fragrance, which is very pleasant in a way.


For best results, you should massage the scalp and let it stay there for 8 hours. Since, it’s non greasy, you shouldn’t worry about using it in day time too… but ideally use it at night and let it work at its best!

As I read, the formula is composed of pure jojoba oil which assures its ability to moisturize and help in cases of hair loss, broken hair, itching, dandruff and dryness of the scalp. It costs AED150 for a 220ml container, which is relatively higher than other hair oils, but consider it as a rejuvenating treatment and you’ll find it is way lesser than those you find in the hair salons.

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