I am not a fan of makeup on daily basis, as I am a work from home mum and love to look ugly at home, but the other side of being a working mum requires you to stay stylish on budget and get ready in minimum possible time!

I happened to see posts about Mikyajy on UAE MUMS Facebook group, where ladies were shouting with joy about the red hot sale at Mikyajy. It kept on happening for a week or more and finally I couldn’t resist when I saw Mikyajy in Mall of Emirates, and so thought to give it a try from the red hot sale.

May be the red hot sale with lot of items on actual sale would have been somewhere in a bigger outlet, I found a very limited real sale in the Mall of Emirates outlet. I had plan to buy more goodies, but unfortunately, the sale items were very limited and I ended up with two lipsticks only.

The Lipsticks, AED19 each were available in a range of good colors. These are AED49 each during regular season, and honestly, they are worth buying. Super hydrating, long lasting and available in a wide range of colors.

I am not sure, till when the sale last, but whenever there’s a sale, do try Mikyajy, their lipsticks as I tried are worth buying!

As I read on Mikyajy website, this semi-matte lipstick protect your lips at the same time with SPF15, which seems something really good.

The lipsticks are good actually, and I recommend buying from them during sale season. The regular prices seem a bit higher to me when I see other top brands in the same price and at times even less.

Moving further with more of the products that were not on sale; the products were good actually, but you may not get a die hard fan of Mikyajy because, you may find better products from well known brands in almost same price.

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