As I received this unique Mini Magic Stick in my July 2016 Glambox, I really didn’t know what it is meant for and how to use it. Since, it didn’t come with any details or instructions about its use, I left it over for quite some time while I was trying testing and exploring the other products, but later I realized that I should find what it is for.


A quick research online revealed that this is a specialized sort of blending sponge to reach all those corners of your face which are generally missed by regular brushes and sponges.  As I used it, I found it a much better sponge for pressed powder.


Glambox mentioned a price of AED 47.53, while the Magicosmetix website has a list price of AED 62 for the same product.


I would highly recommend it and I feel it is a must have item for all those who want to look awesome with the minimal effort on makeup!

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