As many of my readers know, Jennifer Epstein runs a blog at that focuses on helping moms survive the terrible twos and beyond.

This month, Jen wrote the ULTIMATE blog post about dealing with tantrums!

In this infographic, Jen shares 120 phrases that moms can use to help avoid temper tantrums during the terrible twos.

From when your sweet toddler wakes up to when it’s time to go to bed, Jen’s got you covered.


Based on both ‘offline’ and online research, Jen compiles key phrases for moms to use based on scientific research into language and positive parenting solutions.

These have been used by parenting and toddler development experts for years and have been battle-proven to work and diffuse potential tantrum-inducing situations.

She tackles real-life situations like:

What are the best phrases and language to use to prevent temper tantrums, nagging and hitting?

How do I get my toddler to go to the bathroom when they wake up?

How do I dress my toddler without risking a temper tantrum?


What’s the best approach to get my toddler to brush his or her teeth in the morning?

What should I say to my toddler if they’re finicky eaters?

How do I get my toddler ready to leave the house and get into the car without a battle?

How do I make it fun for my toddler to clean up?

What’s the best language to motivate my toddler to take a bath and go to bed?

These techniques, and many more, are summarized in Jen’s lovely and colorful infographic.

Let us know what you think and most importantly, have a tantrum-free week!

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