Well, I am not a dietitian, but while battling acne, I read a lot about it and I discovered that bringing a balance in my diet helps preventing acne and at times when I do not follow my plan, the acne outbreak is very obvious.

So, here are my dietary guidelines to prevent acne.

Include high-fiber meals in your diet, i.e. cereals, legumes, vegetables and fruits. It helps you be away from junk food and thus improves digestion that makes your skin better. If you are not sure how much fiber you consume daily and you feel that the intake is less, do eat Okra/Lady Finger at least twice a month.

Avoid refined carbohydrate: I found sugar to be the main culprit, I replaced it with artificial sweeteners where I cannot leave it, while on other places I avoid it completely.

Say no to Junk food: It is the main source of fat intake, and fat can also trigger acne. So, reduce the junk food as much as you can.

Reduce the use of deep fried foods: This is how I left my love “French Fries”, but I have no grievance over the decision as it pays off.

Include Zinc in your diet: It’s found in. Soya beans, liver, oyster, sesame seed.

Drink lot of water:  The more you drink, the better it is. You stay hydrated, fresh and of course it detoxes your body from all bad stuff, so acne gets less chances to attack.

Again, I am not a dietitian, but the above is my tested stuff, and so I am sharing a positive experience!

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