Glowing skin is the dream of every girl!

Well, as I have medium complexion, I always wanted to look fairer! No wonder why, because everyone complements it, without considering how torturing it could be for the bearer. A good cosmetic can actually help in this situation and I am happy that This Olay Natural White series is good for that.

I tried lot of other fairness moisturizers and creams and I must say this bundle worked better than all others.

These were the small goodies packed in a big box:

Earlier, I have been using foaming face washes and some of them were good too, but this one is exfoliating face wash with a light and pleasant mulberry scent.  The first wash showed a visible vibrant and an instant glow!

But to keep the glow you must not rub the skin with towel. Gentle wipe with a soft cloth or just absorb water with tissue paper and put on the moisturizer right away. The day and the night creams are great moisturizers.

If you are going out and need to put on the makeup, apply day cream at least five minutes before applying makeup layer. It will absorb quickly and will keep on working while keeping your skin safe. The night cream looks bit sticky/oily, but as long as it’s night cream it’s OK. Apply the night cream on a clean face and let it work for 8 hours at least.

The pack claimed visible fairness in 14 days and I could see it after 10 days.

All good stuff about the products, but a few things you must note:

  • It doesn’t convert a dark complexion into fairer, but yes a tanned skin is quickly healed.
  • If you have moles or hyper pigmentation, that may get more visible as your base skin will be lighter and it doesn’t help with dark spots.
  • To get these products work, you must give them time!

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