Detailed business plan needs parallel time, but you can start working on the idea before the detailed document is ready. That’s when you need One Page Business Plan!

Whether you are starting a home based business or an SME, you need a business plan. You need it to stay focused, plan accordingly and above all generate funding. A business plan is normally a detailed document focusing on all the aspects of the business and so it takes time for all the details to be covered.

  • If this is your first business startup,
  • Or if you are working on multiple startups in parallel,
  • Or due to just any other reason, development of detailed business plan is stopping you from starting working on your idea!

Kick start your idea with one page business plan today!

This collection brings together all the great resources and tools including samples and templates to help you write one page business plan.

StartupGuys explains how to write one page Business Plan quickly.

It may take little time to read, but the 30 Minute Business Plan by Alexander Cowan is worth reading and you will certainly get a clear idea about what to do and how to do.

One Page Business Plan Samples & Templates:

Samples and templates make it not just convenient but save lot of your time in understanding and grasping the concepts quickly.

Business Builders has developed some really great sample business plans and templates for Industrial Services,  Software Company, Boutique Clothing Manufacturer, Home Improvement Products Company, Small Consulting Firm, Government Agency Project, Management Training & Development, Seminar Company, Not-for-Profit Organization, Start-up Firm and more.

Some more one page business plan samples and templates that I collected are:

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Click the image to download full size!


Click the image to download full size!

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