Did You Know?

  • Linkedin has 347 million active users and 40% of them are active on daily basis.
  • Linkedin is available in 200 countries in 20 different languages.
  • Linkedin members together have 380 million skills.
  • 94% recruiters use Linkedin to vet candidates.
  • There are 3 million active jobs on Linkedin.
  • Linkedin provides 100% mature business leads.

You must be impressed with these wow stats about Linkedin, but Linkedin helps you get a better job and more business only with an optimized Linkedin profile!


There’s no exception for job hunters, but being an entrepreneur, Linkedin presence is a  must too! Whether you want to brand yourself as an industry expert, an entrepreneur or want to showcase your business to a broader audience on Linkedin, you must optimize the profile.

Let people find you easily with an optimized Linkedin Profile: If you do not appear at the top pages when people are searching for the product or service you offer, you will definitely not get any business from Linkedin.

Today’s collection includes all great writeups on optimizing your Linkedin profile for job hunt and to generate more business leads.

StartupGuys’s guide on how to optimize your Linkedin profile for business.

Inbound Marketing Agents recommend optimizing your LinkedIn profile for better search results.

JumLead explains how creating a perfect LinkedIn profile generates leads.

LinkedSelling has a guide on converting Linkedin profile into lead generation tool.

Social Media Week’s 20 minutes on Linkedin for more B2B leads is another great resource for better results.

Enough of Linkedin for business leads; let me mention some great stuff related to Linkedin for job search and job hunters.

 The Undercover Recruiter has a strategy for you to optimize your LinkedIn profile for job search.

Zip Recruiter sums it up in 7 easy steps to ptimize your LinkedIn profile.

And Mashable has 6 ways to attract recruiters to your LinkedIn profile.

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