Earlier I wrote about some routines you must follow for healthy skin in thirties, and using a good serum is one of such routine. I’ve been trying various serums including Bioderma White Objective for hyperpegmentation and was lately looking for a serum for regular use. I mean a general serum for radiant skin and not specifically to treat any condition. This time, I thought to try Pond Flawless White Ultra Luminous Serum which is not very costly, i.e. AED65.


So the 30ml bottle should be enough to use for about 6 to 7 weeks, if you use it once a day so, AED65 for 7 weeks is not a big deal, but only if it works.

Since, it’s not a specialized serum, you should not expect any wonders out of this product. Flawless radiance is what it claims and you get a radiant skin if you keep on using it daily. Miss it for a day, and you lose the brightness.


Ponds claims that it increases your skin’s radiance in 7 days. It’s GenActiv™ technology formula that reaches deep into your skin to regulates and adapt to the DNA that produces melanin– the first ever skin-lightening cream that adapts to your skin! Get up to 9 times more radiance power in a single drop!

But I think that’s too much, as it didn’t show me a wonder. Overall it’s a good serum for regular use to restore youthful clarity of the skin, but if you’re looking for something to make your dark complexion lighter, it won’t be the right option!

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