Getting back to pre-pregnancy shape and size is what every woman wants. Dieting, is the first thing that comes in mind when you think of losing post pregnancy weight, however, it’s not the right idea.

In the post pregnancy time, you need to regain your energies that you spent bringing a new life in this world, and of course food is the main source of energy.

Dieting in post pregnancy period is no way acceptable, but yes what works is “careful eating”.

Careful eating means to provide your body all what it needs to carry out day to day work as well as to take care of the little one.


So, depending upon whether you are breastfeeding or not and also your daily activity level, your current weight and of course your BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate) you need to calculate your daily calorie requirements first.

I used this calorie counter by which is kind of very comprehensive and it’s results are more authentic than others. (I explored various other calculators as well as the basic calorie counting formulas and this one proved to be the best among all).


Please, note that if you have any medical condition like, Hypothyroidism, your body tends to have low metabolic rate, resulting as lower calories burning capacity and you will surely end up seeing the scale not moving down at all. So, do get the thyroid levels balanced before starting working on weight loss.

You must also know that you need to burn 3500 more calories than your intake to lose one pound of fat.

Once, you are all set to start on post pregnancy weight loss, start with curbing your hunger step by step. Ideally, you should eat 500 less calories than your daily requirements, i.e. if your daily calorie requirement is 2000, eating 1500 is the best option to stay energized as well as to lose extra pounds. Diminishing 500 calories daily will lessen your weekly count by 3500 calories, letting you lose one pound in a week.


Your diet plays a vital role, not just in managing a healthy weight, but also in managing healthier and fresher skin. I will discuss more of post pregnancy weight tips in later posts!

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