Potty training for your first child is probably the biggest challenge you have encountered so far. It may be tough and frustrating, but knowing some basics can relief the pain. So I started reading about potty training from the very basics, so it can be more fun potty training and less frustration for me as well as for my kid.

Well, Here’s what I’ve researched;

1- Checking the Readiness is Most Important:

Before starting actual potty training check your child’s readiness for it. Experts suggest that healthy children aren’t physically and emotionally ready to start using a potty before 18 months. Well, this is scientifically valid point as their bladder muscles do not have a mature control before the age of 18.


Secondly, boys are generally later than girls in getting ready. However, there’s no official age to start. I really liked this detailed article on how to start; especially the points for checking the readiness.

2- Do Not Force Your Child:

You must not force your child to use a potty if he doesn’t want to, or if she is not ready to start. The more you force, the longer it will take.

3- Focus Entirely on it When He’s Ready:

So, if your child is ready for potty training according to the signs discussed in the linked article, you must have to focus completely on it for a week or so. Make a schedule, but be ready for accidents to happen. Leave everything when he needs to go to bathroom, and stay calm.


Every child is different, and so the potty training needs may differ, and so the process should be aligned accordingly. I hope, my above research will help me and other first time mommies too, to have a successful potty training program

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