Did you know that the brain grows faster in the first five years than at any other time in your child’s life? Every skill that your child learns, encourages him to move a step ahead and learn other skills.

So, this is the best time to raise a smart kid; let him see, observe and experience new things and places. Let him explore the unordinary out of ordinary stuff. Praise his efforts and encourage him to take the next steps!

Since, skill development during the initial five years of your child’s life is faster than any other time, you must have the right tools and know the right techniques to engage him in positive experiences.


Well, you cannot simply anticipate what’s coming next as the brain is growing faster, his toys must have something that ignites interest, inquisition and ensures longer engagement. Encouraging him with educational gifts on his achievements is the great way to keep up the pace with his faster growing brain.

Educational toys and games are certainly the best options to make learning fun and more focused for your child. These toys engage your child for a longer period as compared to ordinary toys. Educational toys come in variety, i.e. Math & Science, Writing, Reading, Art & Music etc.


Educational toys are developed by experts who know how to feed child’s brain in a way that it gets hungry for more. These toys are not just preschool teachers’ resources, but are great help for mommies too.

Experts are of the opinion that the impact of educational gifts lasts a lifetime; which means such toys and games develop his love for learning and such an attitude makes your kid grow up smart.

Next time when you plan to celebrate the new skill of your child, or it’s an important day in his life, do praise him with an educational gift that specifically suits his age and area of need.

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