Want to remove unwanted hair from your body and face without spending a ton of money? The Tria 4x Laser by Tria Beauty allows for permanent hair removal in the convenience of your own home. Let’s take a look at the benefits of home laser hair removal with the Tria Beauty.

Tria Beauty Costs Vs Professional Laser Hair Removal

Although the initial investment may seem high, the cost of the Tria 4x is significantly more affordable compared to professional laser treatments. You will need numerous treatments for permanent results and the cost of the Tria is approximately the same as one professional visit.


Tria Pros & Cons

According to Find My Home Laser, one of the biggest pros of the Tria laser is that it doesn’t require any cartridge replacements unlike many of the more affordable hair removal machines on the market. The cost of cartridges can add up. Another advantage of the Tria is that it’s cordless and extremely portable. Unlike many other devices which are designed for use on the body, the Tria Beauty can be used on the face and body.

One of the cons is that the Tria 4x does require recharging between uses. If you are treating a large number of areas you may need to recharge between treatments. The initial cost may also be on the high side.

Is The Tria Beauty Safe?

Tria laser hair removal is completely safe and has been approved for home use by the FDA. It uses the same diode laser technology used in professional clinics. For maximum safety and satisfactory results it’s recommende to follow the instructions closely.

Does Home Laser Hair Removal Hurt?

According to online Tria Beauty reviews and ratings, some users reported slight discomfort while others reported pain. Discomfort may vary depending on your personal tolerance of pain. This is a laser procedure and some discomfort is expected. You can take an aspiring beforehand or use a numbing cream in order to minimize any pain.

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