Well, a small scale laundry service can be simple and profitable business to start anywhere in the world where the working population is in big number.

There are many types of laundry businesses, i.e.home-based and dry cleaning, mobile laundry service, pick and delivery dry cleaners, etc. Each type has franchises available in big cities, but buying a franchise needs a good amount of investment, i.e. in terms of franchise fee, royalty and so on.

Knowing how to start a laundry business from scratch sounds best idea when you are on budget. It may be bit tough to build a credible brand when there are big names in the market, but once you grab a smaller portion of market it gets easy.

Here are some common questions, you may encounter if you are planning for a laundry business:

  • How much to start a laundry business?
  • How to open a laundry business from scratch?
  • How to start a laundry delivery service?
  • How to start a laundry business from home?
  • How to start a small scale laundry and dry cleaning business?
  • How to start a laundry shop on budget?
  • How to set laundry service prices?
  • How to start a mobile laundry business?
  • Laundry business plan guidelines.
  • How to run a laundry business successfully?
  • Laundry business plan for a delivery service.


You may have a lot more similar questions, but I’ll share the answers to the above queries and you will find answers to all other questions too. Here it goes.

Know the most important things to consider before opening a laundry shop business, outlined by Entrepreneur.com.ph.

Follow these three steps to start a laundry services business, by Dlsmaytag.com.au.

Now we realize that how important is a business plan, and without one the business may end up a failure. Here’s a detailed guide on writing business plan for laundry business & dry cleaning services by StartupGuys.net.

Keep the starting and running costs in mind. Get an idea from Chorn.com’s detailed article: How Much Does It Cost to Start a Laundry Business?

Remember that no matter how great service you provide and how competitive prices you have, if not marketed well, you may not get any business. Check out theses resources on marketing a laundry business.

Know the importance of Marketing a Laundry Business by Adconsulting.com.

Six Ways to Promote Your Laundry Using Signage by Dexter.com.

Grab this sample laundry marketing plan and devise your own accordingly.

For competitive pricing, collect the pamphlets from various laundry services in your area, review them all and set your best price that is competitive for customers, yet brings you profit.

Do check this article by Halloffamemoms.com, if you plan to start a laundry service from home.

And finally, for those who still think that it may not be a profitable business, check How Laundry Business is Beyond Clothe Washing by Myfinancialintelligence.com.

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