Life of a single parent is tough and full of challenges; making a living and raising children at the same time requires lot of strength. However, at times, the roughness of everyday life overpowers the mind and emotions, and you find it so hard to manage this tough lifestyle. This is the time, when you start losing your strengths and you truly need someone by your side to talk to.

Good friends are a blessing, but the sped up lifestyle and increased responsibilities have made everyone too busy in their own life, that even the best friend may not be available when you need them.

Online and offline single parent support groups are probably something that every single parent must consider. The best thing about these groups is that they understand you better than your friends.

Your friends, if they are not single parent can never exactly understand your trouble, but the single parent support groups do; because they are solely focused on the problems of many single parents like you.


Single parent support groups have variety of excellent programs for single moms and dads whereby they don’t just help you with emotional assistance, but also guide you in navigating your financial situation. Moreover, they have planned activities for a complete season, so it can be a great way for outing along with your children, making new friends, finding new opportunities and more.

One more important factor that makes single parent community more preferable over friends is that some of them organize workshops and practical assistance to deal with your particular situations, which is highly professional and result oriented.


These groups are also very helpful in staying connected with people sharing same situations or those who have successfully resolved particular issues. It doesn’t just keep up your motivation, but most of the times you get really useful advice.

Single parent support groups can be found in many shapes and sizes, and don’t worry if you do not find one in your locality; you can always join an online support group. Check out this Single Spouse Community on Facebook, and be a part of an active group to share your issues and learn from others!

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