Everywhere we go, whether it is the real world or the virtual one, we are surrounded by marketing. A big part of that marketing is images. You are more likely to remember a striking image than a good piece of text. With presentations too, images are a very important element. Visual aids help get the message through better and keep the audience engaged. With longer presentations, verbal explanations will start to wane as attention spans do not last hours. Visual aids help in retention of knowledge.

How to Choose Images

Getting royalty free photos for your presentations can be a little tricky. You need something that looks professional so a click of your phone will not do, no matter how much you think you have mastered the filter game. Here are some tips for presentation images.

If the image is central to the slide, choose a large image that can be clearly seen by those at the back of the room. Avoid magnifying images, pixelation is distracting and destroys the aesthetics of the presentation. That also erodes the professional theme you may be trying to maintain. You can try using more than one image on a slide too. If your image is a background, make sure there is some contrast with the text color.

Be Relevant and Tell a Story

The average human brain processes an image 60,000 times faster than text so the pictures are the elements that drive your presentation. When choosing images, a good way to grab the attention of viewers is to tap into examples from trending or contemporary topics. Make sure your images represent up to date settings and scenarios. Inadvertently depicting outdated tech or clothing gives your presentation an aged feel, and not in a nice way.

When you are picking a series of images for a presentation or a marketing campaign, make sure there is a consistency between the theme and the tone of the images. These visual aids can tell a good story to accompany your content if you choose the right images.

Make a Personal Connection

Images help people make decisions faster. Pictures of people or animals as subjects tend to create a better connection with the audience. Go for natural, candid poses to avoid cliché. If the service or product you are describing is too niche to find a corresponding image you can instead represent the emotions or scenarios associated with it.

Save Costs with Royalty Free Images

For those who are looking for the cheapest stock photo options, royalty free photos provide the most convenient choice. The licensing for the photos or graphics is sold at a flat rate. You just need to invest in a one-time fee and you can use your image multiple times. Follow the simple rules, choose your image well and make an impact.

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