Whether you are planning to have a full time small business of your own or running side business is your way to go, tight budget is always a big challenge.

Setting up a company with full business plan or registering a part time business is the first step to start, as you must not get into any legal complications. But before this step one, you need to do some research to make sure that you are making the right choice.

I’ve collected some great resources to go through which will help you identifying:

=> The basics of low cost business start ups

=> Types of low cost business start ups from home

=> Low cost high profit businesses

=> Low cost business strategy

=> Ideas to develop low cost business models

=> And of course, no cost business start ups


 Furthermore, some of the resources are of great help if you are looking for:

=> Help with setting up part time business

=> Making your part time businesses great

=> Running a part time business successfully

=> Part time business options that can be converted into full time

=> Starting a part time business while working full time

Let’s start with reasoning, and here are 6 reasons to start a part time business via Huffington Post.

Moving forward with Noobpreneur’s 5 business ideas under $200, 10 business ideas with almost no startup cost by Business News Daily and  a detailed note by Tim Ferriss on how a $100 startup became six figure business are great sources to catch some basic motivation.

Once, you catch the motivation, you should be looking for some more ideas for reference, and here it goes:

Smarta’s 30 Part time business ideas you can start for peanuts.

StartupGuys.net brings a list of 51 low cost business ideas, many of them are even no cost business ideas.

Guardian’s list of 50 side business ideas to start from home is just amazing, as most of the options involves very low startup cost.

American Express lists 20 cheap startup ideas to pursue in spare time and then 8 easy low cost business ideas for college students.

Do check the 12 most profitable small business ideas at Insider Monkey.

Money Crashers brings you a detailed guide on how to start your own business while working on a job.

Once you started, you just took the first step, now running your low cost business matters most. Do go through the 5 tips to run your part time business successfully, brought to you by Inc.

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