Email marketing is one of the most effective marketing mediums, and so more and more businesses want to have hands on it. However, to yield better results, it requires expertise and every small business owner cannot master the skill of email marketing in parallel to running other business operations.

This creates a business hotspot for you and starting your own email marketing company can be a lucrative opportunity if you are interested in starting a home based business. You can not only offer email marketing services to other small businesses but can also sell affiliate products, digital goods etc. for direct profits as well.

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Here I am going to list the basics that you need to build a structural base for your email marketing business and start a home based email marketing company.


1- Draft a business plan for your email marketing company;  make it short, i.e. include a description of your business and the types of clients you want to attract, startup and monthly costs, licenses (varies country to country and even state to state) needed to run your business and a marketing strategy to help promote your services.

2- Buy a desktop based email marketing software or better is to subscribe to an email marketing service to create and monitor client marketing campaigns. Here you can find some of the best email marketing services for small business.

3- Start building your own mailing list. Here are quick guides on how to create an effective mailing list for your campaigns;


You must also create a mailing list segments right from the beginning, it helps in achieving more targeted results. Here are some god readings on how to segment and personalize your audience.


4- Signup for some affiliates and start promoting the products/services/digital goods that may be interested in your target audience. Commission Junction is the best place to find trusted affiliate programs. But you may also check Click Bank if your audience is interested in online business and digital goods.

5- You may also create a free website with Wix to advertise your email marketing company online. And also build social media pages, LinkedIn most preferably to attract potential clients on these particular networks.

6- Have a marketing strategy in place to attract clients. Here is a good article on best places to find email marketing projects.

7- Work on delivering the best results and you will get returning as well as more clients through word of mouth. Make sure that the emails you create are loved by the subscribers. Spend time on finding what type of content is best for emails and how to develop a mail that people love to read.

And yes, keep on testing and learning from each email that you send out. The more you learn, the better you serve the clients and the more your business grows.

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