Emotional eating itself is a big disorder, but for people who are very much concerned about their weight, emotional eating is a worst case scenario.

I already discussed how to stop emotional eating by eating healthy food, but that alone may not be helpful for many.

One of the most common reasons causing emotional eating is lack of stress management. Though it’s a universal fact that all individuals cannot handle stress equally, and so everyone handles stress differently.


We all have some skills and we do not have many other skills, so don’t worry if you are really incapable of handling stress effectively and just end up stuffing your stomach. Any person lacking the stress management skill can have it with a little effort.


If you’re feeling like eating due to stress, try to engage yourself in something that makes you happy and stress free:

  • Call any good friend to talk to.
  • Watch your favorite TV show.
  • In case it’s not the TV time, must have some cool DVDs with you.
  • Get a hobby.
  • Meet new people; get socially active.
  • Help the deprived ones and you will surely feel happy and stress free when you know what others are suffering from.
  • Go for a long walk.
  • Go for a long drive.
  • Listen to some good music.
  • Dance it out if you want to, and eating after that will be very healthy.

All of the above will give you the equal level of satisfaction as food gives, but this will have no physical weight, and you’ll stay as fit as ever. Also, drink lot of water, and at times during stress our body confuses thirst with hunger, so staying hydrated is a good idea too!

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