Mother and daughter relationships are important unions in that they need frequent pruning and cultivation to sustain them for many days. Some of these very special relationships are adorable – a sight to behold, while some are saturated with strife and misunderstandings.

No matter the situation, one can always improve their relationship, mothers to daughters and vice versa and make it their goal to savor or rescue whatever is left of them. There is always a negative tone here, a harsh word there or the plain old blame game, while there can also be accommodating conversations that are filled with love and laughter. The former need to be rescued while the later savored.

There are many ways by which we can speak without using words to our mothers, even to our daughters. One way is through jewelry.  Every woman loves an elegant piece of jewelry, and more so if it comes with that personal message that says ‘[her name], you are special.’


Namecoins is a company that specializes in the unique and beautiful.  A mother and daughter can have endless choices of design when it comes to mother and daughter matching jewelry you can find perfect piece online with them. Here are few Ideas for Mother and Daughter designs:

Interlocking engraved necklaces

These are exclusive and custom made. Deliberately crafted for that special daughter and that unique mom.  There are many ways you can go into this.

One is by having your names or initials engraved on a coin necklace. This necklace is then made into interlocking designs that, two pieces of the same necklaces such that when brought together, they lock into one beautiful coin-shaped piece, seamless and meticulous.

You can also have an animal engraved, being, of course, your favorite kind, or bird or even a butterfly. Amazing and unique are the words one would use to describe these necklaces.


Engraved rings

It is not uncommon to find mothers giving their beloved daughters rings, no matter the age.  These rings have special meanings, and they are not just metallic bands. A mother can make a ring with her name and gift it to her daughter and make one with the girl’s name done for her.  This will be treasured forever by both parties, and it is indeed special to carry your little girl’s or mother’s name everywhere you go.

The rings can also be made with two names and an image between or the ASL ‘I love you’ sign. This feels special at all times.

Engraved Keychains

You may opt for a keychain that is made especially for you and your daughter.  This particular piece of jewelry can be made into a puzzle that interlocks and makes one unique design, be it a musical instrument, a bird, an animal or any other special image.


Mom holding baby necklace

This is special in that both the mother and the daughter will get one for themselves. This is a necklace with a graven mom holding her baby in the air. It will always be a reminder of this special relationship to both the mom and the daughter.

In this same category, one can also have the names or initials of both mother and daughter engraved on a coin by Namecoins. This could either be heart-shaped or any other shape. It could be interlocking or whole. In any form, it is a beautiful design to both mothers and daughters.


Custom made Earrings

These can be engraved with custom images of your choice. A pair of earrings can be designed as an interlocking puzzle for both the mother and her daughter. There are designs of Sea Turtles, wolf silver, and dove silver, just to name a few.

All these made from silver coins.


Bangles and Pendants

You may also have special matching bangles made for your mother or daughter. Pendants can also be made especially for you. They can be engraved to your specialty for your daughter or mother.


We are living in a digital world where words are rarely said face to face, and we need to do more to treasure our beloved mothers and daughters anytime, anywhere. A special symbol of unity and love is what one needs to carry with them wherever they go.

Exclusive jewelry comes in handy when it comes to gifts, especially those gifts we want to treasure for a lifetime and extend to future generations. From custom made engraved necklaces to rings, we have plenty to choose from.

There is no more excuse for why you cannot get that special matching piece of jewelry for that mother or daughter to treasure more than life itself.  There are endless possibilities when it comes to designs.  Exclusive matching jewelry is available for mothers and daughters of all ages and taste. Say it with a unique set of jewelry.

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